The Truth Of the Evils, in Sport Teams building plans!

1st ,, it can be there TV endorsements, and merchandising items of importance and not novelty items. Investments are the biggest revenue in most sports franchisees. Advertising is a big part also, I can say you see some crazy commercials on game night for football, am I right? Of course I am well with that said I go to my next one. Unlike industrial or financial business, which is generally valued on cash flow and assets, sport franchises are valued on their revenues. Luxury boxes, are a high priority and giving too the highest payer’s in the many private suites the owners sell out to the executives and the “The Big Shots of the World”, membership Fee’s go hand in hand but are separate completely comparatively though even the “Club/Box Seat’s” are all intertwined along with the sale of video games in partnership with major league teams in many sports.

2nd, is the fact that, The Quest for Excitement also a confidence in Success Ideology and a full Spectator Interest with much coverage in Youth Sport Programs and Spectator Interest Media Coverage and Spectator Interest has over whelmed us in the past few years since the increase of participation in many watching more and going to games too. Economic fundamentals Motives and the Globalization of Commercial Sports has helped us be a more productive country telling our children you can be out there just like the “Pro-athlete of they’re choice”, Wrong thing to do well perhaps but it will benefit us all soon enough.

Sports Organizations Look for Global Markets that are flourishing Corporations Use Sports as Vehicles for Global Expansion Outposts in Action of the Branding of Sports in their Images and likeness as if they were the “God of that team or logo, they support”, They wish.

3rd, is that; They have a hidden agenda beyond us they think it’s OK that they build a new stadium with our tax dollars and say, “We are creating job’s for the people living here”, then we say why are you tearing our houses down to create your Stadium. Then they shuddered and muttered without remorse, “We are creating Low income Housing affordable to all who live here”. Beautiful OK then tell me an the families That your going to Bring Pride and team spirit. Well those Two we from a Friend of mine who lost everything from the construction and completion of a stadium in his hometown of San Francisco. Well Finally, another positive externalization caused by stadium subsidies is the increase in civic pride that can result from bringing a professional sports team into a city. For cities that already have a team, a stadium subsidy can help avoid the drop in civic pride that would result if the team were to leave. It is thought that the presence of a sports team helps bring people in a city together and can also help increase productivity. While it is not the new stadium but the team that drives the civic pride, it is often the prospect of a stadium subsidy that entices the team to either come to a city or, if they are already located in the city, to remain there.

However, there is no compelling evidence that stadiums actually produce these benefits.

Sorry about this on I completely lost my thoughts! Grr. 4th, I think that Team salary caps are in place to keep from people getting greedy, and yes they should stay in place.

5th, is that; are athletes paid to much well yes they are but for good reason they completely risk most of they’re lives on chance and the pursuit of that last game, which for most come to early. But if I had a say I would let them know I appreciate every step they have made from the beginning of their career’s for all the “Money Maker Moments, Amen.”


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