Write a sport autobiography for yourself

  • Write a sport autobiography for yourself.  Within this autobiography,   identify the sport opportunities that were available to you growing up (in the school and community). Identify the opportunities that you did not have.  Identify differences between opportunities available to you and to those individuals in nearby towns.  Are you satisfied with the opportunities you had growing up or do you wish you had more?
  • My answer is:
  • I was not much of a sports team player, but when I did play football on an actual team. The 49’ers was my final team, and the first was a team that did not want me called the Vikings in Turlock. I was not accepted at all on the 1st team so I was transferred to the 49’ers team. I had no kind of help from my dad; he was not the athletic type of father figure. So he just told me try it out if you don’t like it, well at least you tried to do something athletic in your life on a team.
  • Well the team already did not like me, from the beginning of try-outs. So feeling doomed, as I was in a new world of athletics I did not know much about at all.
  • I also played t-ball and my dad was the coach of the oilers that was our team in Turlock the heart of the central valley; he quit because he was not the athletic type of father. He was a Construction Legend at the time, so he let his two friends take over the coaching positions. I did not agree with them in their coaching skills and teaching us children how to play the right way. So I was kicked off the roster, before the team finished the season, even though I had helped them to a few wins before they got rid of me…with some big home-run hitters.
  • I do not regret any experiences that I have had the opportunity to go through, as a child. I feel that my experiences have made me realize the fact; I like to watch more, than living out the dream of being an athlete in a specific sport. So thank you very much for asking me this question, I need to get that out.

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